Shadowkeeper Update

Well, the PAGE semis were announced today and The Shadowkeeper hasn't made it through to the Semi final round. I'm quite disappointed as I was really hoping to get to this round because it sounds as though they will be judged by the very people one needs to have read one's script but them's the breaks - just not one of the top 25 Sci-fi or Fantasy scripts, it seems. Of course, the Script Pimp awards show at the Hollywood Improv is less than a fortnight away and I'm starting to get thrilling flutterings about the trip. My dear friend, and fabulous actress with whom I have worked on countless audio books, will be coming with me to LA and together we will hype each other's worth to whomever will listen (so much easier than hyping oneself!) My mother, who lives in SoCal, has nabbed some tickets to the awards show with some friends so, as we haven't seen each other for about 11 years, the night at the Improv will be quite an experience! Whatever the result of the competition, I am ready to network, network, network - which I'm usually pretty good at - though I've never done it on my own behalf, before. Basically, I'm just looking to enjoy meeting some new people and sharing my passion for writing and the Celtic culture which has inspired this screenplay.

Time to get organised, better make some lists... :)