California here I come!

The next few times I write will be from Hollywood which is actually several thousand miles from where I started from (Philly) but it's the same country ... Okay, so I'm a little dizzy with excitement but who wouldn't be?!I intend to make the most I can possibly make of this opportunity and I hope my posts will be filled with news of many meetings and goings on (names will be edited out, of course.) I have decided that my main goal will be to gain representation - fairly important when one is living a quarter of the way around the world! I have a couple of meetings already organised: at the Braille Library facilities in Hollywood (for obvious reasons) and an executive producer of a very successful television show has very kindly given me her number to contact her for a chat when I get in (she is the daughter of a friend of my mothers - I'm getting the hang of it already!)

Of course we intend to do some touristy things as well. We have tickets to the Tutankhamun exhibition - something that is not expected to tour downunder so it's magical that we have the chance. Apparently there are artifacts from the whole 18th Dynasty on display and I am crossing my fingers for something, anything, from Tut's (assumed) father's reign - Akhenaten will forever be my favourite (he was my first celebrity crush - strange child that I was!) We will also be taking a weekend to explore the central coast - my mother will be taking us to to Cambria and Big Sur (which I hear is a big forest but I'm not allowed to google it and take the edge of the impact it apparently has) and to a Scandinavian town called Solvang. And, of course, we're going to explore the Academy Gallery and Library and check out theatre in the area.

So. This is it.

"Come to the edge," He said. They said, "We are afraid." "Come to the edge," He said. They came. He pushed them... and they flew." - Guillaume Apollinaire

Cross your fingers for me - I'm jumping. :)