2bed, 2bath, 2 happy Ruschenas :)

At the risk of this blog becoming a self indulgent diary (all blogs are self indulgent, no getting away from that, but a diary is not what this was supposed to be) I am happy to report that the Sydney trip was hugely successful. We found ourselves a perfect apartment with every feature we wanted as well as a few we weren't sure we'd be able to get at our budget (like air-con, an internal laundry with a dryer, 2 car spaces and a second bathroom - which we really don't need but *shrug.)  Apparently this was a particular achievement because the rental market is so difficult at the moment with 20 and 30 people applying for each apartment, or so the media has been telling us since we returned. This probably explains why a few estate agents looked down their noses at me and suggested I might need to be 'flexible' when I looked down my nose at electric stove tops and dismissed any apartments with them out of hand. I don't think they appreciated my failure to display the cowed desperation that is apparently the attitude de jour for rental-hunters. My attitude de jour, when I think of standing at my gas stove in our kitchen gazing out over the green streets of Cronulla all the way to the Pacific (5 mins drive away so it's not close but it's definitely there,) is now 'smug' hehe. Of course, we are yet to find out if we have the neighbours from hell or the gas stove leaks or any of the things that make renting soo much fun but, for now, I'm actually quite excited - which helps to mediate the stress caused by needing to be ready to leave in 7 days!!!! Happy Birthday Superman ^_^ mmmmwha!