On Sydney Skies and their Storms

Some people are City people, some people are mountain people, some feel landlocked if they are not on the coast - myself, I can live anywhere if there is enough sky. From our balcony here in Sydney sky is plentiful and spectacular. My high school geography tells me its the meeting of the mountainous terrain and the coast that does it but here in Sydney we get frequent, intense storms which I adore. Lightning and thunder do their show-off thing at all times of year but the thing I love most about them is the incredible cloud formations as the storms roll in. I snapped this shot from my balcony a few weeks ago - it doesn't quite capture the astonishing domed shape of this cloud which drew across the sky from the south in the space of about 10 minutes but you clearly see the discrete edge of this astonishing formation. When presented with clouds like this I am always struck anew how small we are on this planet and how vast is the universe beyond them.

I wonder what the gods were doing up there that they drew this curtain between us?

Barely five minutes after this was taken visibility was barely a foot as this massive cloud hurled itself to the earth with it's full weight. The skies were bright blue again within ten minutes and, as with most Sydney storms, the temperature did not change more than a degree either way from before this formation made its appearance.

I wonder what Nagoya storms are like...