The Immunization against Culture Shock begins

Much has been said about the culture shock of Westerners moving to Japan and in typical anxiety disorder management style I am putting my research skills to use to attempt smooth out the shock as much as possible. Obviously the first thing to do is crank up the expectation of difference to 11 - done, second: start learning the language - done, third: scour the blogs from other gaijin going through it themselves - in progress...


7:10 to Tokyo » Featured Story » Garbage & Recycling in Japan - Get Your Degree in GOMI!  
Garbage recycling takes on a whole new meaning!





Get more for your yen with a 2000 yen bill
Apparently everything in Japan comes out with limited-time-only/seasonal  variations ... even the money!






Get Cheap Stuff At The Recycle Shop
The Japanese are obsessive upgraders so if we don't mind being oh sooo last week we can save some yen in these second-hand shops.






How To Find Shoes That Fit You In Japan 
A tricky way to deal with oversized, western feet!






Pedestrian’s Best Friend: The Bicycle Bell

And finally a way to deal with pedestrian congestion in Japan - on the street or even in the shops. I don't have the mind-set to do this but it's a good laugh! Enjoy!