Countdown to the move...

So very, very tired... and the move is only just getting underway! On Friday I drove our second car down to Albury (on the Victorian border) to take it to a dealer that my Aunt and I lined up to buy both of our Hondas. Selling them was the practical thing to do considering our upcoming move but, even though I wasn't able to get my license until I was 30 (5 years ago), I'm a bit of a car-lover so it was sad to say goodbye to what was my first car (a fairy-blue 2003 Jazz)  and my dream car (a sleek, black, 1998 Prelude vti-r, tiptronic transmission with full sports pack, gold badging and tinted windows - they're classics now, they stopped making them in 01...okay, maybe "closet rev-head" is closer to the truth!)

Here's my prowler all cleaned up after the long journey and a few minutes before turning her over :(

I'd barely driven her since coming to Sydney because there simply isn't anywhere to enjoy driving it because of the traffic, so it seemed a nice idea to get a really good run in her at as close to full throttle as Australian law will allow. And it was nice...even when I got lost trying to cut through the mountains to the Hume... even when I found the Hume and, hoping I'd be well past Canberra was presented with a sign reading: Goulburn Exit 2km ... pretty much it was nice till about hour 7 when I should have been well and truly at my Aunt's house in Beechworth but still had 3 hours to go... The travel-hangover made it a little easier to give her up the next morning lol.


I spent a lovely Saturday with my Aunt shopping in Albury and found a great book for learning Kanji - Kanji ABC by Andreas Foerster & Naoko Tamura! I returned by train on Sunday which was yet another another delayed journey, though only 9 hrs this time, so I am somewhat wrecked at the moment but I have little time to recover as things are really starting to swing into action for the move:


Our visas and "alien registration cards" are well underway, along with our katakana name blocks which are used instead of signing one's name in Japan. 

On Thursday a consultant is coming to look at our belongings and ask us which of them will be coming to Japan and which will be needing storage - so we need to work that out asap!

I spent a few hours yesterday scouring the Relojapan home search site for properties for our consultant Abigail to show us when we are there. I have been watching one gorgeous little house on the Higashiyama line which looks perfect for us on every level (right price, right location, not too small but not too big, light but still cozy), it became available in march but is not yet let so I'm crossing my fingers it will still be available when we arrive for orientation!  I just know that the few weeks till then will fly by.

As if they knew I was missing my cars, Superman's company sent an email today asking us to choose a company car with links to websites in Japanese and cars which are only available in Japan! So I have spent a good couple of hours today hunting for reviews/details about the cars in English - luckily a couple of them are marketed under Toyota's other make so I was able to find

the info I needed. We think we are going to go for  "The Harrier," a mid-sized 4WD which is too low to really go off-road (and therefore will be safer to drive!) but spacious, comfortable and with GPS and apparently power to spare thanks to the V6 engine (which is remarkably fuel efficient at 11.1/100km) for the trips we are planning around the country.

Personally I am looking forward to the vertical take-off feature, it's not listed on any of the specs I could find but, seriously, they couldn't name it "The Harrier"  without it, could they? :D

Actually, now I come to think of it, we're going pretty well with preparation. Selling the cars was probably the biggest thing we have to do on our own and that's done so... yay!

'Course now there's the matter of the Typhoid and Avian Bird Flu immunizations ...