Nagoya Slideshow part 2

Down on the streets in Nagoya it is mostly a lovely modern city with beautiful street art... This one you already know...

Nagoya House Hunt 008  

I particularly loved this one outside an entrance to Toyota Midland Square building (Superman will occasionally have meetings here but will be working further down the street) Inside there are uber expensive designer boutiques and some wonderful restaurants (the Shanghai restaurant was Chinese food like we've never had before but look forward to trying again - particularly the Vanilla Ice cream with Chinese Vinegar - trust me it's incredible!!)

Nagoya House Hunt 032

Nagoya House Hunt 033

The newest building on the skyline is gorgeous and perfectly suitable for the art and design school it apparently houses... (that's Superman at the bottom left of the shot btw :) )

Nagoya House Hunt 009

So, Nagoya is like many cities around the world, could almost be anywhere but every now and then, right next to the skyscrapers...

Nagoya House Hunt 011

And even...

Nagoya House Hunt 020


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