Dr. Who

We've finally be getting round to the latest Dr. Who and, though I'm slightly biased (I've adored David Tennant since Taking Over the Asylum and the really creepy murderer he played on The Bill ages and ages ago), I simply have to say...


David tennant drwho

(And I grew up with Tom Baker :) )

Billy Piper as his companion Rose is definitely my favourite companion as well (though I never really liked any of them - probably just jealous.) Clearly it's some of the best writing and direction it's ever had, too it just works so well... just the right amount of hokey special effects, doesn't take itself too seriously and yet the stories are great! If you haven't seen it for a while give yourself a treat and say hello again - though I recommend you start with his first episodes with Rose, they introduce his particular character beautifully and frankly just shouldn't be missed!

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