Prettinesses pt 1

Like so many people, one of the things I've always loved about Japan is their design. The Zen-influenced minimalism of their architecture and landscape architecture was introduced to me as the ultimate design when I was a small child and so I have held simple elegance above all other design for as long as I can remember being aware of such things. This is not to say that simple elegance has no roots in the West - the Scandinavians are, of course, expert (often producing eerily similar pieces to the Japanese at times) but Western minimalism, no matter how sun-drenched, is always, it seems to me, so severe. Being raised in Melbourne, severe suits me to an extent. I have an aversion to bright colours (esp when it comes to clothing hehe) but also to the cluttered patterns or frilliness of design which is 'prettiness' in the West. What I really love about Japanese design is that their philosophy of simple elegance does not prevent them from venturing into the very very pretty.  A girl likes a little pink in her life (literally and metaphorically) so I intend to make the most of being here by getting some. So, here is prettiness purchase number one - simple ceramic bowls and plates from a variety store called Daiso which sells everything from candy to laundry bags to simple shelving racks. These were 200yen each - about $2.00AUD


Hmm that white kitchen bench washes out the lovely cream colour - I'll have to get myself a background cloth to make these shots better in future.