It's too darn hot!

We have furniture! Yay! Doubly 'Yay' because frankly this house is going to be where we will be for the majority of the  next 2 months or so - partly because Superman is just doing the 9-5 Mon-Fri thing pretty much as he was in Australia and I'm not going to go discovering too much when he can't, but mostly because it's just too darn hot! 

I know, I know, we're in Japan, we should be travelling around, taking every opportunity to explore this ancient and extraordinary land! And we will. Just not yet. Festivals or special occasions close to home - definitely, especially if they are at night, but seriously look at the weather widget on this page (not that it shows the full, oppressive, extent of it)! At the moment here it is hitting 29- 30 degrees everyday with humidity from 42 - 80% and that's when there is a less than 30% chance of rain and we haven't hit peak yet!

The Sun here is also particularly vicious - more so even than in low-ozone-layer Oz. The women here unselfconsciously use parasols. At first I thought they did it only because of the obsession Japanese women have with being as pale as possible, and it is largely because of that, but it is something I have taken to doing, too, (the parasol-using, not the unselfconscious-about-it-being - yet) because that bit of shade makes SUCH a difference!  In fact, I neglected to take my parasol when I went camera hunting today and my scalp was burned within minutes of rising into the light of day from the cool depths of Sakae station.

So, the next couple of months will be filled with Japanese study, writing my novel in the air-conditioned study with the pretty green view from my desk (yay I have a desk!) and researching digital photography so that I'm ready to shoot up a storm with my DSLR (yet to be purchased) when the heat goes.

So, fair warning, blog posts are not likely to be particularly touristy, nor keenly numerous, for a while either.  Now, back to DSLR research...