So, I have this 'thing' about stationery...

Being in desperate need of printer toner and scratch books for my current projects, I took a trip to an office supplies shop we had spotted while out to dinner in Sakae the other night.  It's not as large or frankly overwhelming as some of the stationery shops I'm planning a trip to Tokyo to see but it had everything I needed in so many different colours and I spent a relaxing few hours strolling the aisles and choosing my booty. Yes, I said nearly three hours - these places are to me what spas are to some women and had the store been bigger it would have been longer - easily.  My name is Danielle and I'm a stationery addict.  I know some of you out there understand lol.

Stationery was one of the things I was really looking forward to experiencing in Japan. I love to work with colour when I'm writing particularly when I'm developing and structuring - I simply couldn't brainstorm without - it so I'm always on the lookout for pens/textas with different coloured inks (rather than just same colours but different nibs).  Boy oh boy is Japan on my wavelength!

Case in point - the multi-coloured pen.

We've all had one of these at some point in our lives. The originals that we knew in Australia were 4 colour with red, blue, black and green - but they lose their gloss quickly. There was always one colour that you rarely used, if ever, and when the colour you used most ran out the pen became useless - the whole point of is not to have to change pens for a different colour highlight after all. Not here in Japan!

Introducing the customisable tri-colour pen!

Choose your pen body from several colours of translucent plastic (I chose pink of course!)



THEN choose your ink colours - three different or three the same if you're looking for longevity!





Pastel Pink, Pastel Blue and Purple not your thing?

No worries!





I haven't yet located where to buy fountain pen ink but I do most of my writing with fountain pens so I'm hoping to find the same or similar range of colours (though I know it might be a longshot)

At the least I need to add a pink to my South Sea Blue, Purple and Sapphire Blue standards ^_^

Expect more of these utterly frivolous salutes to stationery in the future!!