A quick note and a huge laugh to share!

A quick post with some quick notes for friends of the blog and blogger :)


For NZ. K., in case she has any time at all in her busy busy schedule on her trip home, thinking of you and letting you know we won the quiz last night! Yay!


For readers waiting for the next instalment in my Moving to Japan Tips series - it will be coming next week, it's on language and I'm taking a bit of time to find some good links for you to help you get a handle on the minimum you really, practically need to live here for the finite period of time that most expat families do. Don't fret if the language scares you - it's not as much as you'd think :)


We're off driving to Takayama early tomorrow morning with A & R where we hope to see lots of original antique buildings much, much older than at Meiji Mura. Crossing fingers that the rain will hold off enough for us to get some lovely photos (not that rain doesn't add it's own beauty if you can keep your camera safe!)


Last but by no means least, Thursday's Daily Show was sheer genius - you know when you laugh so hard your stomach is sore and your lungs feel like they've been vigorously scrubbed from the inside? It was THAT funny. You'll never be able to listen to John Kerry with a straight face again!!! Enjoy!


...okay, obviously the entire world thinks it's as funny as we did and the embed is getting a little overloaded so just in case here's the link to follow :)