November Japan Blog Matsuri Begins!

Rohan Koda's desk As some of you will already know, November's Japan Blog Matsuri will be hosted here at Narrative Disorder. Chris did a wonderful job stepping in at the last minute for October as you can see here and I look forward to finding out just how big a job it was! The most public part of the job of host is, of course, to set the topic. I've racked my brain trying to think up a fantastic theme which would inspire a bevy of posts full of keen observations and ever-so-clever witticisms which would teach us all something new and wonderful about Japan and which, and this is key, hasn't been done before...  In the end, my brain and I have decided that turn about is fair play:

This month, I'd like to hear about what Japan has taught you about yourself.

Funny or serious, good or  bad, whether you are an expat already living here or just loving Japan from afar - what have you learned about yourself in your interactions with Japan and/or it's culture and what was it that gave you that insight (that's the essential Japan bit for the Japan Blog Matsuri :) )?

For example, I have discovered that I'm okay with bowing to people as an equal and even as an inferior to my husband's superiors at his work but when the teenage porter at a hotel bows low as I enter a lift and stays bent right over looking at his shoes for the full hour and half it takes for the lift doors to close I get increheheheedibly uncomfortable.

If you are reticent, or it's just not your blog's style,  to write about such personal insights then a post on what Japan has taught you about your home country (and how it has taught you that of course) would also  be fine :)

** Edit: The blog carnaval site is back up and running so in the sidebar you will find the widget to make submission easy (though emailing me the link or putting the link in the comments to this post is also okay) Last moment for submission is 21:59 on November 20th!

So fire away! And if you find yourself procrastinating on it (as I have done the last two months that I have been aware of this Matsuri :( ) think about me and my fellow NaNoWriMo-ers who have committed ourselves to writing a 50,000 word novel, from scratch, in November and send some good vibes our way before getting back to it! :)