November Japan Blog Matsuri: What Japan Has Taught Us

As the hostess of this month's Matsuri, I posed the question: What has Japan taught you about yourself or your home country? A few brave souls took on the challenge, dug deep and provided us with the posts outlined below. If you submitted your post via the blog widget and did not also put a link on my original matsuri post on this blog my apologies but it will have been lost in a system I seem unable to navigate ( I received no email and cannot find any listing anywhere) so please do email me or add your link in a comment on the original posting and I will gladly update this post to include it :) Alex at Bad at Japan shared his self realization about the way he works and gives us an insight about how he plays with others!

Jason focused his Random Thoughts on both the physical and psychological changes he has undergone because of his big move to Japan.

Liv who eats her pigeons gave us a wonderful interpretation of the culture shock process as growing up all over again

Over at The Soul of Japan, Tony  warns us never to take anything for granted in Japan but reminds us that this also includes the good things - take time to stop and smell the onsen salts!

Nick's entry at The Long Countdown had him looking back at England (at risking his mother's wrath!)

Shane at The Nihon Sun has found that she has learned to live a more simple and less frantic life with an increased awareness of everyday beauty - something we could all learn to do.

Sheena at Girlish/Sheena in Japan shares what she learned about being American in the wake of Obama's election and the reactions of some the Japanese around her.

My apologies for the tardiness of this post, I've been unavoidably off the grid for the last week or so and will probably continue to be so for a little while after this post is up.

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