Looking out my Japanese Window

Shane at The Nihon Sun put a call out to those of us living in Japan to post a picture of the view from our windows and so I thought I'd use this gentle, almost-tagging to ease back into blogging after the break I have taken recently. I have been assessing the role that procrastination plays in my life (substantial) and attempting to tackle it and decided that, while I enjoy blogging and won't be giving it up, my fiction writing has to take centre stage and I have to stop giving into my fears and using my blog to feel like I am 'writing'!  So, in that spirit, and I'm sure to the relief of any family or friends who feel obliged to read my posts, this will be the first of many much shorter posts which, hopefully, will get to their point even faster than this one! As some of you will remember, this was the view from the study which sold me on the apartment in which we now live:

And this was the view a few days ago:

Optio Shot 12-11-2008 5-09-04 PM

It is cold here now. Blissfully, crisply chill in a way I've never experienced in Australia - even in the alps during snow season it's not quite like this. The light, of which there are many, many less hours, is brighter and the man in the moon, laying drunkenly on his side as he does here, is whiter.

I am still holding out hope that in the Spring I will be able to present you with the same view with some blossoms on at least two of the trees which I am convinced are prunuses (pruni? prunii? bah - Latin!)

To put that view into more of a context I took this one standing back a little:Optio Shot 12-11-2008 5-09-04 PM (4)

So now you know where I sit and write my little posts, think my Pollyanna thoughts and procrastinate my days away no longer!