Merry Nagoya!

One of my local Supermarkets is called Paré Marché and at the moment its walls are littered with posters wishing us "Merry Paré Marché!" Stores all over the city have similar posters and I'm not quite sure whether they are misunderstanding the phrasing or just approaching the whole issue of the commercial overload of this festival with an unusual frankness. Skepticism aside, Nagoya itself is all dressed up for Yule and looking gorgeous! Every street is lined with bunting which I'm told that, come December 25th, will disappear faster than the best elves could magic them away! The city's main light show is several stories high above the entrance to Nagoya Station and I joined many of my fellow Nagoyans madly snapping pictures one evening. I don't know if there was a narration I couldn't hear somewhere (and wouldn't have understood anyway) so I don't know if there was a story as such but the lights were definitely prettinesses worth recording. I think you should be able to click on the thumbnails to enlarge each photo (and again to close them - swish, if it works.)

By the power of sparkles...

The book grows LARGE

It's a pop up book!!!!

A magical city appears

And the magical city celebrates shopping!!!