My week in tweets 2009-02-01

  • Sick of being asked by artists why I want to write comics if I can't draw :( If only I could draw to save my life! #
  • First visit to Japanese hospital today - feeling tall LOL! #
  • Wondering what these anti-inflamatories are that knocked me out cold for 3 hrs! The downside of not speaking the pharmacist's language lol #
  • pecking at keyboard with one hand - looking at voice control options for XP :( #
  • Huge package ordered last Friday from the States arrives today along with letter from Aust Tax Dept sent December 12. The mind boggles. #
  • Trying out Alex King's Twitter Tools on blog. Integrates nicely, so far so good :) #
  • Pinching your pennies atm? Is it necessary or selfish? Post on handling the crisis (my hubby's but I'm not biased!) #
  • Is it just me, or has Obama put a giant Sun in the middle of the oval? Check out the look on Geithner's face LOL hehe #
  • Off to see the new Bond flick. :) #
  • been using generic class 6 SDHC that came with my dslr, just got sandisk Ex.III card and can't BELIEVE how much faster it writes and reads! #

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