Gion Hanatouro (Lantern Festival), Kyoto 2009

Chionen Boddhisatva Our trip to Kyoto last week was scheduled to catch the first night of the lantern festival in Gion. I'm doing this quick post because the festival is still on and it's well worth a visit - especially if you haven't been to Kyoto yet and you've been waiting for a reason to go. I know cherry blossoms are the traditional reason for visiting Kyoto and they have begun, but this festival is by far worth the trip. It ends this weekend and if you live in Nagoya it takes only 40 minutes by Nozomi Shinkansen and is only 7800yen per person each way by GREEN car so if you choose not to go first class it's even cheaper!

Apologies for the blur and the poor exposure, it was raining heavily the night we went so I had to use my itty bitty pentax to capture the evening.