Sorry, we're raiding that night...

Those of you who read this blog and know Superman and I in real life will no doubt be aware that we share the guilty passion of many millions of people around the globe that is World of Warcraft. If you have invited us out on a Wed, Thurs or Sunday you may have heard the words "Sorry, can we make it another day/time? We're signed up to raid that night." Usually this would be followed by an attempted explanation of what raiding is and how we're not putting a game ahead of you but rather keeping a standing appointment with at least 23 friends from around the world who are part of the raiding guild we have been with for more than 18mths now.

A couple of weeks ago some substantial new content was added to World of Warcraft and our guild has switched back into progression mode (which means Mondays are added to our schedule) and we are having a ball working our way through the new raid dungeon known as Ulduar. A few of our guildies have been screen-capturing our progress to help us with analysis and strategy (and also just for fun) and one of them (who's music can also be found on his myspace page: has just put a couple of our kills up on YouTube. The notes on the side won't mean anything to anyone who doesn't play, frankly not much of it will so there's no need to watch them in their entirety, but if you've ever wondered what on earth it is we get up to on those nights, here are a couple of videos of essentially the entire purpose of our Warcraft lives - endgame raiding.

You won't be able to make either of us out but I am in the first one and Superman is the second (we don't all play all four nights a week, we have to rotate between the thirty or so raiders in the guild) For those for whom this is totally foreign, each of the little cartoons with blue titles floating above their heads is controlled by another person sitting at their computer somewhere in the world. These are the people to whom we feel that commitment which keeps us from you sometimes.

These were first kills, the second one on a second night of attempts and if the guild's voice server audio had been recorded you'd have heard 25 whoops of joy as they went down.