My week in tweets 2009-05-24

  • RT @bridgebldr: RT @writerschatroom: "Best writing advice: write it however it comes out. You can't edit a blank page. #writechat" So true! #
  • TBRP draws attention to a recent writing comp in the Washington Post - and quotes one that made my sides ache! #
  • Sigh. Made the mistake of stopping at end of sequence on Fri - having trouble picking up where to go next :( Bad girl! Always stop mid- #
  • A friend (@shanesakata) began a skype call yesterday with "Seen you on twitter quite a bit last few days - writing slowing down?" LOL #
  • Finally inspired to do some villain work, though. Should remember to always come back to the villain - they drive the whole thing after all! #
  • Watching The Tudors - enjoying it very much but slightly distracted by the enormous, bejeweled earrings ... OUCH!! #
  • In a very tough quiz grand final we managed to pull off third! Next week to spend our 30kyen winnings on farewell party for one of us :( #
  • That's 30k since March - only 10,000 yen for third tonight. Well, I say "only" - pretty good prize! #
  • Oh yes! RT @InvisibleGaijin Note to Salaryman: that cigarette is more likely to kill you than H1N1. So lose the mask and quit the ciggies. #
  • Just realised 2 mths without internet = 2mths without Daily Show. Maybe I haven't thought this writing retreat thing through... #
  • Okay. If you're complaining about the RIGHT to choose which car to buy - you're taking the freedoms you do have for granted. Sheesh! #
  • I may need a gadget intervention: on desk atm: desktop monitor, gaming keyboard and mouse (tin of weights for said gaming mouse)... #
  • Axim PDA in dock, tablet computer docked to ergo keyboard, digital camera, DSLR, 1seg mobile phone, stupidly expensive desktop speakers. #
  • RT @serafinowicz: Japanese believe that the Cunningham family are terrified of Fonzie, and are pretending due to bravery. (via @MKupperman) #
  • Woot! Hubby just called from Syd airport, will be on his way home soon! #
  • Hey blog-traffic hunters, have you guys got your blogs available on Kindle yet? (Right link) #

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