Slice of Heaven

Summer has well and truly struck the fair city of Nagoya so it Is time for the seasonal site makeover and time for me to flee! To say I’ve never been a Summer person is an extreme understatement and I find the humidity and heat oppressive beyond description. Several months ago, my dear, dear Superman suggested an alternative for dealing with this Summer - find somewhere cool/cold for a writing retreat! So, on Saturday I’ll be jumping on the Shinny (Shinkansen - it’s an Aussie compulsion to ad “ie” or “y” to something we feel fondly toward) to Shin-Osaka and a bus to Kansai airport to catch a flight to Auckland.  After one night in Auckland, I’ll be driving 4 hours north to a little house on the edge of one of the curly bits of the fjords which created Doubtless Bay.

My little house is just the other side of the green bit in the middle!

It will be my first visit to New Zealand and I think my little part of it will truly live up to the country’s “Slice of Heaven” advertising.

My little house has views across the bay you see in the photo above, and a wood fireplace to sit by and enjoy watching the Winter storms roll in.  I will have no internet and no landline in the house and I will be turning my car in when I arrive so I will have nothing to do but a daily walk to the local shops for food, the docks for fresh, fresh seafood, the odd local photo walk (when it isn’t raining) and writing! I will be taking the complete Black Adder & Dr. Who Season 5 DVDs for emergency entertainment but hopefully I won’t feel the need to break the glass too quickly!

The blessing and opportunity that this is does not escape me – the sole down-side will be missing Superman terribly for 2mths, nevertheless I can hardly believe I am so lucky! When I return to Nagoya at the end of August I hope to have a first draft of my novel ready to edit and polish and polish and edit during, what we now know are likely to be, our last few months in Japan.

I was going to embed an envy-inducing new Zealand Tourism ad below – something with a bell-like vocal and soaring views of fjords but I found this and decided to give you a giggle instead. Note to New Zealand State Department: I am not the first wave!

Of course when we get there we’ll be faced with this… maybe we’ll just offer a beer across the Tasman instead ^_^

Quiz tonight (last one for both myself and Caesar,) then I’ll be in full packing swing tomorrow and I’m unsure if I’ll be able to log on from Auckland so this may be the last post for a while. Big hugs and happy thoughts go out to you all!

*Photo credit: HUGE coincidence, my Warcraft friend Charmaine sent me some photos of her home town over a year ago now but didn’t tell me the name just that it was a tiny town I wouldn’t know. When I told her where I was going she said “That’s where I’m from! The photos i sent you were from there!” So thank you, Charmaine for the photo!