Fair Warning

Rohan Koda's deskI don’t often make sweeping statements about “how things should be” on this blog because: a) who the hell cares what I think? ;

b) it’s much more fun to do that in conversation so you have the benefit of more than one brain on the issue and;

c) this blog, despite the narrative disorder, does actually have general foci, namely life as a writer and/or expat wife.

However, as most writers will attest, when the creative juices are flowing and the brain is snapping, all sorts of ideas start demanding some of the attention you are trying to focus on your currently favoured child (atm: The Shadowkeeper adaptation - who’s my favourite girl? Yes. Yes, you are. You’re so pretty.) SO, in an attempt to get said ideas to sit down and quietly play with their colouring books, I’m going to try dashing off a line or two and posting them where they can get as much attention as they deserve.

There is every possibility the posts will be rant-like, poorly argued and without a hint of the Philosophical training messrs Bigelow and Khamara provided me in the early ‘90s. Fair Warning. :)