TED Tuesday - Rory Sutherland

ted1Wow! With the writing jag induced by Superman's business trip to Oz (and thus no need for me to have normal sleep patterns) followed a day later by the arrival of his parents, the week has flown! These weren't meant to be back to back posts but... there you go!
This talk is one of my favourites - again insightful as well as funny. Ad-exec Rory Sutherland explores the  history of adding value by changing perception of a product rather than changing the product itself. Interesting thoughts on future consumerism which lead to some fascinating questions re: our understanding of our personal pursuit of happiness/satisfaction. Could spindoctors become the saviours of humankind by turning their, sometimes frightening, insight into the human heart to convincing us to value what we already have or really need more than that which we think we want?