My Week in Tweets 2010-01-25

  • #glutenfree tweeps - help please! Any advice on best things to drink/eat to help soothe/speed up suffering through a coeliac attack? #
  • We got it! The house even matches our decor with dark wood floors and cream walls. Thanks for the crossed fingers everyone! #
  • WE GOT IT!! Went straight out to get address on license so I could org' mobile. Won't have net for two more weeks but this Blackberry rocks! #
  • Realized gluten attack may be cc from butcher that does marinades and crumbing in same fridge. Even butchers not safe now :( #gf #celiac #
  • Hubby says wedding anniversary replaces first date anniversary so we don't get to celebrate 17yrs today - is it too sappy to keep both? #
  • #amwritingparty not quite able to join in from the BB and not writing yet but following and cheering for you all! Be back in a few weeks :) #
  • LOL watching a doco in which a Koori family is putting a goanna on a fire to cook and the mother said "that gonna come up like butter" :D #
  • Yes folks that's 42 degrees C outside :( Thank the gods of invention for aircon! #
  • Car backed up to the warehouse, picking up the reading chair. #
  • Needs the bookshelves round the walls but we have a reading nook :) red leather ottoman on order #

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