My Week in Tweets 2010-02-07

  • Not much sleep last night thanks to spider the size of hubby's palm skittering about while hubby tried to catch it. Just kill 'em, I say! #
  • We take our steak knives seriously in Australia! #
  • Aching to have this move over so mind and body have room to be #amwriting. Already feel I could sleep for a week and still weeks to go :( #
  • Hee hee chuckle RT @sillybeggar: If "Your Horse Magazine" merged with Playboy, would they include a centaur-fold? #
  • Yes. Yes it is. RT @ajackwriting: Lie to me is awesome #
  • First night in house & no water pressure in showers. No doubt because landlord's rip-off-merchant handy man installed the 'eco' showerheads. #
  • On a bright note, Brigie will be home from quarantine soon!! #
  • Maybe this move would be more fun if I were two feet long... #
  • Living room rug has arrived! #
  • Ooh nice one today: RT @dictionarycom: Word of the Day - distrait: divided or withdrawn in attention, especially because of anxiety. #
  • Just drove to the northern suburbs of Sydney from the southern burbs - seriously, this city has to be the worst planned city in the WORLD. #
  • You know what? Until other people stop fucking up things a moron could get right, I'm taking 'control freak' as a compliment :) #
  • I thought my G11 was a gaming keyboard but THIS is a gaming keyboard! #
  • Have had to go to a different place for each of router, print server and step-down transformer - I miss Bic Camera!! #

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