My Week in Tweets 2010-02-14

  • Any sims3 players out there who can tell me where I buy clothes? #
  • Seems our sea shipment is in the country and could be here next week! Now we'll see if all the decorate-by-memory will come together or not! #
  • MX Air mouse is AWESOME! Ah Logitech, no wonder they call you LogiCOOL in Japan! Not sure I should get THIS excited about a new computer LOL #
  • Picked hubby up at airport last night - another nightmare experience with Sydney's civil 'planning'. Those IOC gifts must have been HUGE! #
  • Australia is so weird. 15 mins ago I had to wear sunglasses to put the washing out. Now it's pouring down & me & the washing are wet lol! #
  • And now it's bright blue again! Must be a coastal thing. /sigh #
  • Oh dear, a couple of long sessions of Sims3 and everyone on Lost looks like a sim to me :\ #
  • Apologies to Sydney-sidsers for late afternoon rain. Mea Culpa: I had the car washed :( #
  • Wow Netgear customer service is rude! Hint: if I've had to call, your product has already annoyed me, don't make it worse! #

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