My Week in Tweets 2010-03-22

  • iTunes damage undone! CDs back to WAV - no more distorted mp3s engineered to make iTunes purchases sound bett #
  • Beautiful, Donna! Thank you for sharing RT @Donna_Carrick: Waiting For Sunrise~Writers' Craft: Sharing a golden moment. #
  • Working on my antogonist's role this week and probably next, too, to get a good hold of them before going back to my prot's POV. #
  • Organic vegies delivery today! Made chicken chilli for breakfasts, used AMAZING (cont) #
  • Anyway 1a.m. so must wind down and go to bed - Enjoy the rest of your Saturday everyone! #
  • Just had some of the pumpkin soup; the difference organics makes to flavour is truly astonishing. Wish they were available to all! #

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