Next Stop Bangkok!

Superman and I have signed up for our next adventure! Sometime around August next year, give or take a few weeks for the Australian project to wrap up, we will be moving to:By Adam78 [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Bangkok, for short.

Where living in Japan was a lifelong dream come true, Thailand will be a true adventure, because I know virtually nothing about Thailand, beyond the political struggles we hear about in the news. Before moving to Japan, I had spent a lifetime adoring Japanese design, watching Japanese anime and cinema, studying Japanese history and culture. I had studied the language in early high school and, though I had forgotten most of what I’d learned, my ear was well tuned and I quickly picked up enough phrases to get by and understood much more. I felt at home in Nagoya within a couple of months in a way I still don’t feel at home here in Sydney, despite this being our second ‘posting’ here.

As to Thai language and culture? Obviously, I recognise Thai’s gorgeous written form, but if someone were speaking Thai, I’d be lucky to guess that’s what it was and only by elimination of the languages I’d know it wasn’t. As I write, I don’t think I can remember ever hearing it spoken – names of Thai food really doesn’t count!  When it comes to Thai design, right now, I’d be hard pressed to distinguish between what little I’ve seen of Thai and Javanese design and architecture – they probably are connected but I just don’t know. Thailand is a whole new field of research for me, and I’m very much looking forward to diving in as the move approaches!

For now, though, it’s back to Melbourne, albeit in my imagination, with my Work In Progress and the #postnano challenge of getting to 100K words by the end of December. So I leave you with this cheesy relic from the latter of my childhood decades and what was probably my first exposure to the word “Bangkok” and probably explains why it didn’t make my Wanderlust list, as a child!