How to install Kindle on your Cruz Reader or Android Tablet


In the before-NaNoWriMo times, I promised a post which would help everyone to install the Kindle for Android app on the Cruz Reader. In the last few weeks, I’ve actually been receiving emails for help on getting it done, so here is the post, at last. Note that this is the basic process for installing any app. on any Android tablet.

Please do let me know if the link below stops working, it was fine at the time of writing.

How to install Kindle for Android on the Velocity Micro Cruz Reader

Step 1

From your Home page, Start your Browser

From your home page, make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi,  launch your browser and go to

(20th Dec 2011 )NOTE:  This post is now more than a year old and Kindle for Android has been updated so, when you get to the freewarelovers page linked to above, before continuing, do a search on freewarelovers for Kindle and look for a more recent version (at least 2.0), then continue with the instructions. Installation itself hasn't changed.

(Hint: if you open up this post on your Android Reader’s/Tablet’s Browser, you can just click above!)

You should land on a page which looks like the picture in…

Step 2


Under the “Download” heading, you will see a link with a .apk extension – this is the extension you will want to look for whenever you want to install an app on Android.

Click that link.

Step 3


After clicking that link, you should come to a page which looks like this. Note that just under the “Downloading…” title, it has the usual download page prompt:  “If your download does not start automatically, click here.” I’ve found I always need to click there but give it five seconds to see if it starts before you click it.

Once the download starts, whether automatically or no, your screen will change to look like the picture in...

Step 4


Wait while your app downloads.

The yellow bar at the bottom is your download progress bar.

If this is the first app you have downloaded, you won’t have a list as long as this! Note that from the list of the downloads you can see there, I highly recommend, Skyfire (a browser), NewsRob (RSS reader which syncs with Google Reader nicely), Dropbox (if you have Dropbox, of course), Word Press (if you have a WP blog) and TweetCaster.

Step 5


When your download has finished, your page will look like this, though, obviously, up the top there will be a Kindle icon, I took these shots while installing Skyfire.

Click the Install button on the bottom left.

Step 6


Watch the progress bar fill while it installs… after which is should look like:

Step 7



Now click Open on the bottom left.

Step 8


Watch Kindle for Android launch and follow the prompts to enter your amazon account details and register your new Kindle!

Step 9


Sync and browse your Kindle Library – you are ready to start reading!

(I think the library page looks much better than the Kindle for PC version, don’t you? Smile )

Now it’s time to return to writing As Long As She Lives – many thanks for the procrastination excuse!