A Quick Word on Endorsement Swapping Online


I've been receiving emails, several via this blog email, asking if I would be willing to swap endorsements, for no other reason than quid pro quo, and I wanted to put on record my view on endorsements: I will happily endorse anyone, if two conditions are met:

1. I have experience with that person having that skill. I don't have to have worked with you, just experienced the product of that skill - heard your voice over, read your book, received an email from you, gone to your play etc... (if you know I probably haven't experienced your work, then at least include some links to it in the email asking me to endorse it!

2. I have a certain amount of experience/connection with that skill, myself and think that my endorsing you in that should mean anything to anyone lol! As such, I am much more likely to endorse voice over, writing, media, entertainment and production skills, than anything else. E.g., my husband's many skills in software development often come up, but I don't endorse them because I couldn't tell Ruby on Rails from Spring (I'm not even sure they are the same category of thing.)

Note that having endorsed me is not one of those conditions!

I very much appreciate the endorsements I receive, but I also would hope that the above conditions are met from your end, too - if so, then we can swap away!