As Long As She Lives, Ch 11 Posted!

Hanging flowers Cen Goth Huge Green5Chapter 11 is, finally, up on FictionPress and Wattpad.  A rather subdued chapter, but plenty in it, and plenty of action on the way, in future chapters! This time next week, our household goods will have been taken to the port and we will be at Bangkok airport, waiting for our plane home to Australia. I won't even try to promise to get another chapter up until we've landed and slept for at least four days, and started our house hunt. I'll try to get something up within a few weeks. :)

As Long As She Lives can be found at:  FictionPress and Wattpad.

"After 4 years teaching in central Africa, 28 yr old Caitlyn Lancaster returns to Australia. She claims she's fine, but her brother's best friend, Detective Riley Duncan, recognizes PTS when he sees it, and uncovers what her family cannot be told. With Riley's help, Cait will face the evil behind her sudden return, to try to make a better future for the people she left behind."