What a difference a curve makes!


It's official, our Air Freight package, into which I put my ergonomic keyboard, and which should have been delivered to us a week ago, will not arrive till next week :( So, yesterday, I broke down and bought a keyboard that is only a little bigger than my little tablet's keyboard, but is slightly curved, so that I can get back to As Long As She Lives, without risking further RSI aggravation. The little Bluetooth keyboard is actually quite comfortable, and I didn't have a light, travel-sized keyboard which I could throw into my bag and spend a day at the library, or in a café  - so it won't be a waste of money, either. I'm hoping to get the next chapter posted before all the actual moving in and unpacking which will begin, next week (yay!) and the next chapter is going to be quite short, so I might just be able to do it - barring any more moving-related crises!

On with As Long As She Lives!