Goal: Chapter 13 posted by Wed, May 29, 2013


k9946613The unpacking is done, the boxes have been removed, and all that remains to be done is the purchase and installation of 19 metres of speaker wire, the placement of various ornaments (can you call swords ornaments?) and the ordering of books on shelves - but it can all wait, because getting back into the swing of writing is more important! A big thank you to everyone who has read while I've been unable to post, I'm shocked that each day someone is finding and reading some part of my story! A big thank you, too, to the Wattpad folks, who have been so kind and encouraging both in comments directly to me, and in the forums where the story has been recommended and discussed without any links to me, or the story itself, and which I stumbled upon by happy accident :)

I've been working on chapter 13 for a few days, now, so I'm setting my goal to next Wednesday - written, polished and posted. After that, I should be able to get back to my two week maximum between posts.

So, back to it!