The Global Corruption that Inspired As Long As She Lives

This short TED talk by Charmian Gooch is about the very issues that inspired and make up the geopolitical background of As Long As She Lives. It will probably sound as though I based Henri on the specific son of a specific president that she mentions (even though my fake country name sounds similar - I got Equatorial Kundu from Aaron Sorkin!) but I didn't - as she said, selfish, entitled, greedy, evil men like this are so common as to be almost cliché.

Charmian Gooch sounds hopeful that a global groundswell of disapproval is beginning to have some impact on this kind of corruption, and I hope that's true. In the mean time, I'm going to take pleasure in writing about the attempts of one unassuming, good-hearted, perhaps even naive woman's attempts to use the megalomania of just one of these evil men to stop his corruption in a more direct - if extremely dangerous - way. Never underestimate a teacher with students to avenge ;)