A Happy Festive Season to You, Back to Work for Me!


I hope you have all gathered with family, friends and friend-families for the celebration in your part of the world! I do love this time of year, in all my study of cultures and religion I haven't found a culture on any continent that doesn't see it as sacred and/or reason to celebrate, and that universality makes me smile. In our house, I took two days off to enjoy time with my husband and in-laws and now I'm back to work on finishing As Long As She Lives! My best supporter, sounding board, and proof-reader is on holiday until after New Year, so I have everything and everyone I need on hand (as long as I don't forget he's my husband, too lol!)

I'm so looking forward to giving you all the end to read for the New Year, while I'm starting something new! :D

Happy Holidays,