#Storycraft Returns for 2014


Hello everyone! The first #storycraft of 2014 was another intimate affair, with just enough of us for a really satisfying discussion about structuring a story. Of course we discussed using a  pre-writing outline, but also developmental editing of drafts, structuring short stories versus novels, and we discussed some tricks that can help all writers get a handle on their work from the screenwriting world, too. I'm afraid there is no transcript - you'll just have to put the chat in your diaries and join us!

The monthly chats have definitely had less participants than the weekly ones used to, but I think I can speak for Kim as well when I say we are enjoying the chats at least as just as much, because we can go a little deeper - and we get to participate ourselves, instead of having so much moderating to do! Not that we'd object to a large group again, it's just that we are discovering the beauty of small things, too :)

The next chat will be March 2nd, 6pm US Eastern (Australian Eastern, 10 a.m. Monday March 3rd)

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