As Long As She Lives approaches 600,000 reads. Thank you!


Thank you. A thousand times, thank you! The continued support for As Long As She Lives on Wattpad has been such an inspiration as I continue to edit and polish the draft, before I try to publish it. It has meant even more these past six weeks or so as I have struggled to recover from an illness which struck suddenly and left me with a foggy head and the need to sleep for at least an hour every couple of hours or so. Each read, vote and comment has kept my spirits up, reminding me that, even while I can't write, my work is still out there entertaining people - even in a draft state - and entertainment is the goal, after all.

I'm much better this week, and working hard at editing, making quite a few structural and copy-editing tweaks which I hope are improving it! I hope to be done and submitting As Long As She Lives while moving on to the next novel soon!

Cover Photo Credit: © Lucila De Avila Castilho | Dreamstime Stock Photos