Getting deeper with Subtext, the #StoryCraft Podcast.


Subtext, The #StoryCraft PodcastIf you follow me on social media you'll know that I've been up and around again for a couple of months and making up for all that time lost to illness since living in Thailand. I have, of course, returned to editing As Long As She Lives, I've joined my local branch of The Australian Greens so that I can actually do something about the issues I so often share on Facebook and Twitter, and  I have put some of my new-found energy into expanding #StoryCraft Chat into a podcast. My co-host, Kim Koning, and I have named the podcast "Subtext" because it is a chance for us to delve into each month's #StoryCraft Chat topic in a way which cannot be done in 140 characters of text. Tweetchats are a great way to connect (it's how Kim and I met), share resources and quick insights about a shared passion, but that's as far as they can really go. "Subtext" is essentially the deeper chat my Kim and I usually have over Skype after we host #StoryCraft, edited down to be about half an hour long (and a wee bit more structured!)

It's been so much fun to get back to recording and editing audio, albeit in a small way, and a great challenge to be on the other side of the microphone! We've recorded three episodes so far and we're still finding our way - we are both writers before we are "on air talent" and I hope our passion for the topic makes up for any lack in presentation. We're hosted on Podbean, available on Stitcher and iTunes and I'm uploading them to my SoundCloud account, too (where I also follow and share various podcasts on writing and writers.) appstore redListen to Stitcher

Each podcast is announced on the StoryCraft Chat blog in a post which includes links to resources relevant to the month's topic, so it's definitely worth checking out the blog post as well as downloading it on your preferred podcasting service. Of course, we'd love it if you'd continue the #StoryCraft Chat in the comments on the blog, too!

Here are the links to the first three episode blog posts:

Subtext. Episode 3, on Re-Writing

Subtext. Episode 2, on Subtext!

Subtext. Episode 1, Introducing the #StoryCraft podcast.

If you prefer just to listen, you can get started with this playlist via Soundcloud.

Now back to As Long As She Lives and strengthening that opening!

Cheers to all!