Happy New Year!


Hello Readers!Thank you all for your incredible support in 2014! This time last year I was madly working on the last chapters of As Long As She Lives, the Wattpad draft, and I was thrilled and shocked at the 30,000 reads it had had while writing - I never dreamed that a year later that number would read 953,000! Your comments have truly helped me as I edited, this year, giving me insights into what needed changing (too many intros at once in chapter 1 lol!) and encouraging me to believe in myself, when I needed it. I am so very grateful to you all. For me, 2015 will be the year As Long As She Lives will be published (structural edits are nearly done and my editor is booked for line-editing at the end of January) and the year I turn in earnest to my next novel (wheeeee something new!) I wish you all a 2015 full of passion, purpose and joy. With love, Darcy