As Long As She Lives on!

As Long As She Lives PaperbackI was delighted to be invited by Stephen Campbell to be on his podcast, and, despite feeling decidedly odd being 'on mic' instead of being the audio engineer, it was great fun! As a crime fiction reader as well as writer I've been listening to the podcast since it began in April as a spin-off of his hugely successful general fiction podcast: The Author Biz. We recorded the interview a few weeks ago, on the day Dymocks Melbourne had offered to host a book launch and I think it's fair to say that you can hear how excited I was! Stephen was particularly interested in the unusual path I took writing the penultimate draft, serializing it "live" as I wrote it on Wattpad, and how I approached the book stores who are stocking As Long As She Lives under the same conditions as they stock traditionally published books. If you listen, you'll also find out what an Australian from Melbourne sounds like - it's a big country, there are many accents!