The War of Wind & Moon Delayed for Exciting Possibilities!

Hello lovely readers!  I know I promised you Chapter 10 in three weeks but I'm not going to meet that for an exciting reason... that I can't share with you yet, though I so wish I could!  I can say that I've been asked to work on something other than chapters for a little while which could end up being HUGELY exciting and if it does I will be so excited to share it with all of you who have supportted my work for so long! 

So, for now, I'll have to ask you to stand by - either I'll have wonderful news about Wind and Moon, or I'll simply have the next chapter and continue as orginally intended. 

In the mean-time I hope you'll be sending good vibes my way for the exciting outcome - you can even help that along by pre-ordering The War of Wind and Moon, Season One on Inkshares to let them know you support the story! I'd be so very grateful if you did!

Here's the link to Inkshares: I'd be so very, very grateful if you did!

I'll keep you all as informed as I can as soon as I can!  Wishing you creativity and courage!