Weaving Diary: swatching and clasping some Silk Garden

Doing some swatching for a new garment which will be either a ruana wrap or something with kimono style sleeves, not sure yet. The cloth will be woven from this combination of Noro Silk Garden (I’m not sure of the colourway name) and cotlin in Eggplant from @knit_picks Both have been frogged from previous garments I had knitted. I made a scarf from the leftover Noro as my second weaving project and it looked sooo much lovelier woven than knitted that the wrap I’d made lost all allure 😂

The swatch maker loom is from @purlandloop and I’m using weaving needles from @ashford_wheels_looms - the needles come in a set of three, each a different length, and the longest one is perfect for making and holding open a shed so I can test some clasping.