Tapestry diary: On bobbins or butterflies.

Today’s tapestry breakthrough! Though the butterflies I made following @rebeccamezofftapestry video (see below) were working beautifully individually, I have so many colours on this autumn landscape that they were getting tangled (and freaking me out a little with messiness) But I didn’t want to use (or spend on) bulkier tapestry bobbins. I had a packet of little, plastic embroidery floss bobbins and they seem to be the perfect solution! They are nice and flat to slip through on each pick and happily hold about 10 wraps on the Mezoff butterflies scale 😊 Also, they cost $3.25 for 50 and they’re neat and pretty to boot! 


You can find lots of great tips, and get a feel for Rebecca Mezoff’s teaching style on her YouTube channel. The particular video on making butterflies, I mentioned above, is here: