Handmade Plenty

"Handmade Plenty" is my theme for the next 5 years 😊

I've never really made a vision board or given myself a theme for the coming years, before, but my dear friend Kim ( @fatpurplefigs ) does it every year, and after the stripping bare that was 2017, I thought I'd give it a go. I'd already decided on a diary and progress journal from @migoals because of their tasks/#getshitdone focus, so I gave myself over to the whole philosophy and followed their guides for setting a purpose, goals and even a vision board for the next five years and this is what I came up with 😊


Weavers and spinners will recognise that I cannibalised one of my Ashford Wheels and Looms catalogues for the majority of the images 😂. Writer-friends may notice there is very little about writing on it 🤔 If any of you have been following me since I was blogging from Japan, you might notice the tiny speech bubbles filled with the flags of Japan, France, Norway and Sweden, in each of which I hope to be skilled enough to watch films without subtitles and read books (5 year plan, remember 😂) The plants and flowers represent the garden of the house we have decided to build in a nearby regional town over the next 18months - the country life experiment has gone well. We're staying  😍 

Definitely more indepth blog posts coming in the near future.

Do you make vision boards each year? Or for projects? Or set goals/inspiration for the next year or more? I'd love to know - if you've blogged about it, pop the link in the comments (or shoot me an email if you're shy).

Courage and Creativity to you all,

Darcy ❤️❤️