The meds that keep me functioning.

I share so many projects and tasks as I strive to create my life of handmade plenty but rarely share anything about the underlying, most impactful project that is simply living with #chronicillness. So here is the result of my Tuesday morning task (at least it should be Tuesday morning!) - my base-line meds for the week.

On a good week, this will be all I will need to keep my #hypermobility-related #hypotension, #chronicmigraine, #osteoarthritis (since I was 20, thanks to hypermobility), and #myalgicencephalomyelitis at a liveable level - still house-bound but happy and able to follow most of my creative 😊🌸

Believe it or not, this is a massive improvement in my life. Before my #hysterectomy, which removed the #adenomyosis I needed far more medication for the severe #chronicpain which kept me curled in bed for 2-3 weeks every month - not to mention adding to my “unexplained” fatigue!

2019-08-27 10.29.25.jpg