Work in Progress

What’s on the needles, loom, hook, stove, Writing Desk, drawing board…?

One project at a time? Bah! She who dies with the most WIPs wins! 

Until now, I’ve mostly posted crafting updates on Instagram but now that I’m endeavouring to pass my skills on to others, I’m going to make sure to post updates here, as well, where - eventually - you’ll be able to find all the updates for a particular project to see its progress. Even after 40 years it's not all smooth going - new skills are hard won and established skills must be honed, which is why it's so very satisfying when you finish something!

Below the latest updates from my blog, you’ll find “The Project Board”, which echoes the actual pin board on which I keep track of my projects, but this one has pictures! Feel free to click through to each project’s page to see details of each project and any status updates associated with it (eventually, that should be all of them!)

Latest Crafting Updates from the Blog:

The Project Board

South Western Long Vest

Inspired by the tone palette of South-Western-blanket ponchos, I’ve been playing with something structured, rather than a boxy poncho, using geometrical textures in crochet (and a little knitting.)

The Perfect Turtleneck

As a woman with an ample bosom and belly, I dream of a simple turtleneck to layer which fits well to my bust then drapes without pulling across my belly, or under it with a ribbed hem. I have an hypothesis about knitting sideways. We'll see how it goes!

Long Bookmarks

As someone with a lot of craft books, who keeps notes in A5 to A4 notebooks, uses large planners, and designs in A3 notepads, I can never find bookmarks that are long enough for my needs. So I’ve taken up inkle weaving (and inkle is a band) and I’m learning while I make something I actually want to use – always a better way to learn, I think!

Autumn Mountain Tapestry

I had a vision of a tapestry based on a photo I took in Japan, of a mountain changing into its Autumn dress. So I’ve determined to create it for the new house. It will be my first tapestry of any size. Because it’s how I roll!

Silk Garden Kaftan

Using some Noro Silk Garden yarn which I’ve struggled to find a use for, with some cottolin, so make a kaftan I can use to dress up basic linens in Summer.

Harlequin Vest

This is another piece inspired by seeing a group of colours together and deciding to just start without a pattern or a plan. Tunisian crochet is something that I’m new to and I thought I’d just practice with pretty colours and see what happened. Then the structure of the stitch suggested the structure of the whole and I know what the plan is… at this point.